Content Formats That Work - Best Time Lapse Speed Painting Videos

Creating great viral video content isn’t easy. There’s so much content, not to mention content marketing, out there already that it can be hard to break through the noise. When I’ve come up against this problem in the past, I’ve given my content a fighting chance by choosing content themes/formats that are proven to nab views online. Today, I’d like to talk about one of them that I’ve been obsessed with lately - the time lapse painting video.

A quick search for “time lapse painting” on YouTube results in a page full of videos with 1 million + views. Why? Because it’s a known, direct format (people know what they’re getting), it’s impressive and compelling (time dilation always is) and in many case, beautiful (it’s paint!). Take a look at some of my best time lapse speed painting videos embedded below - and good luck on your adventures in content marketing!

Time Lapse Painting 747 Airplane

My favorite of the content featured in this post. The scale and scope is awe-inspiring, and the video provides great coverage of the process. What strikes me is, at this scale how difficult it must be to keep paint color consistent (essential for branding). Likely, the use some kind of custom color matching service to keep things aligned. Also, great branded opportunity to have their brand and product featured organically in the content - in this case, Delta. If I were Delta (or any other airline), I’d be making these and getting them out into the world!

NASCAR Car Time Lapse Painting

I’m not much of a NASCAR fan but I do love the amount of flair they squeeze onto one car. Again, an opportunity for some great branded content here. Also, NASCAR is HUGE so whether you’re NASCAR or not, it’s a great term to have attached to content.

Time Lapse Painting - Cruise Ship

I can’t believe cruise ships even float - something that big can’t be buoyant without some serious witchcraft or Mysterio-level illusions. So this video of people painting a cruise ship must be a deep-fake. Time lapse portion is at the midway mark. Time-lapse at this scale is extremely impressive, and shareable.

Huge Mural Painting Time Lapse

The scope of this is obviously incredible, but what really impresses me about this is seeing the layers and details fall into place. Much like life, when seen at a distance the details in this gigantic mural are pretty sizeable and significant when you’re in the thick of it. Great art, not too long, amazing scale and very cool custom spray paint. Nailed it. Just wish the video was a bit longer!

Shelby Classic Car Time Lapse Spraypaint

Simple and to the point, this is an extremely satisfying time lapse of a classic Shelby getting a top-to-bottom paint job. The fact that this also includes one of the most beautiful, recognizable classic cars in automotive history also makes for content that draws eyeballs.

Time Lapse Painting - Office Building

The subject and end result here is pretty uninspiring, but the execution is awesome. In time-lapse, it looks like the painter is rappelling off the roof and painting all the way down. Fun.

Resource for making your own
Looking to make you own time lapse painting video and need a company who’s an expert in all things paint? Check out MyPerfectColor, they’re one of the strongest companies out there for large scale custom spray paint projects and have an awesome process for ensuring you Pantone paint colors match